1. Accounting
    The financial strength of your business is the most vital area to a successful entity. Reliable financial information and sound policies and procedures help ensure that you get accurate financial information on which to base management decisions. In some instances, we are our clients' accounting department, handling everything from writing checks to compiling financial statements. In some cases, we simply assist our clients' in-house accounting staff. Our team of professional advisers will create a package unique to each client because each client is unique. The accounting services include, but are not limited to: accounting system set-up, developing accounting policies and procedures, payroll, preparing budgets and projections, bill pay, reconciling bank statements, cash flow analysis, financial statement preparation, and training & support.
  2. Tax Preparation
    Every business decision made has tax consequences. Our goal is to help you pay the least amount of tax required by law, while meeting your overall financial objectives. Clients who consult with our tax advisers prior to making major financial decisions can expect a more favorable outcome. By working together proactively, we can help determine the best tax strategies to achieve your business and personal financial goals. Tax Services include but aren't limited to: tax return preparation, tax planning, decision making from a tax perspective, tax controversy resolution, and much more.
  3. Webinar and Training Events
    At Allen & Associates Accounting we realize that some of our clients or even potential clients may have a desire to participate more frequently in their own day-to-day accounting practices. As a result, we frequently host webinar and training events that cater to our small business clients or potential clients in that matter. The topics that we cover in these webinars include but are not limited to: Managing Your Own Payroll, Completing Bank Reconciliations w/ Quick Books and Excel, Filing Your Quarterly Tax Reports, Staying Organized for Your Accountant, and many, many more.
  4. Consulting and Advisory
    Starting a business can be very frustrating for some individuals. Many of the procedures involved (such as rather to elect your company as a sole proprietor, C/S Corporation, or partnership) are every day tasks to the professionals at Allen and Associates Accounting. Many of our clients contact us to consult on all business matters (from an accounting/tax perspective) beginning with the business plan, and ending with completing their year end tax return and working papers. Consulting and advisory services include, but are not limited to: internal control recommendations, hiring and training in-house accountants, buy/lease analysis for office space and equipment, general business advice and support.